Our Projects

When M&F’s lease in their 3 000m² regional office in Benoni was up for renewal, several options were investigated: 1) renewing, 2) renewing and refurbishing or 3) relocating to other premises (including a nearby property that they owned).

After exhaustive analyses of alternatives, it was decided to sell the owned property in Benoni and refurbish the leased premises to upgrade the public image as well as staff efficiency/morale. In exchange for a long(ish) lease, the landlord was convinced to reduce the rental by almost 30% and provide a small fit out allowance to pay for some of the refurbishment.


In addition, a space planning exercise allowed the branch to reduce it’s useage by 17%, from the 5 upper floors in a terraced building to just the lower/larger 3 floors garnering further cost reductions.

Mutual benefit – M&F’s renegotiated lease in Benoni