Testing testing …. 123 … testing

Post-COVID will require a mix of practicality as well as theatre to keep customers happy.

• Retailers to test staff temperatures each day, but what about more thorough testing? For example, Dischem Boksburg’s pro-active testing of asymptomatic staff last week identified >20 workers with COVID 19 – choices will have to be made on frequency/cost of full testing vs simpler temperature measurement. • Do we test shopper’s temperatures once, at the entrance of a mall, or each time they walk into a shop? Seems most practical and least invasive to do it only once, at the entrance, but then centre management needs to set up the process, absorb the costs (and pass it on to retailers) • what is landlord’s legal/ethical responsibility when a shopper is identified as having an elevated temperature? Isolate and hold them? Simply turn them away with directions to the nearest clinic? • How do we test, if at all, at strip malls / open centres?

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