Creating win-win property solutions in the retail sector.

Site Selection

We utilize proprietary databases, a great network, detailed modelling-per-site, and the experience we’ve gained over the last several hundred transactions to guide our clients in selecting the best possible location for their operations.

We have a detailed understanding of retail leasing trends, which buttons to push and how to conclude a property lease.

Our mission is to secure good sites on fair terms & conditions. “Win-win” wherever we can.


Shopping Centre Turnaround

Working with smaller centres in secondary locations, Alchemy gets to the root cause of centre underperformance, builds realistic plans and then executes them (with persistence).

Surplus Disposition

Where our clients are weighed down by surplus premises, we throw our weight behind the problem to secure quick resolution – rather secure an ending (even if painful), than live with unending pain...


Strategic Planning

We have developed a formal methodology for defining and documenting current and future facility locations and space requirements. Our focus is on proactively analyzing a client's needs and formulating creative strategies to achieve their operational objectives.


Advisory / Consulting

Given the many lessons we’ve learned over the years – we’ve witnessed almost every scenario (and their ramifications) imagineable – Alchemy is well positioned to help companies establish and/or improve the way they manage their leased and owned property assets via their in-house staff.  Through training programmes, systems enhancement and one-on-one mentorship, we’re able to unlock the full potential of your employees in attaining your organisation’s objectives. 

Portfolio Administration

We employ a broad range of expertise to cohesively manage a client's property portfolio. Via single point of contact, our objective is to seamlessly augment their capabilities – effectively to become our client’s outsourced property department.