“CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS”, preacher John Wesley, late-1700’s

Once shopping centres re-open, there will be an explicit (and perhaps even legislated) expectation for heightened levels of cleanliness by tenants and landlords. Ideas being floated include centres being closed for trade on Mondays, and set aside for “deep cleaning” of both common areas and shops. o Monday’s are pretty quiet, so a good day to sacrifice, and it saves paying overtime rates if the deep cleaning would be done over-night, or on a Sunday. o New/extra costs – “deep cleaning” needs to be defined further, what does it entail? o Can one perform a DIY deep clean, to some sort of protocol, or is a certified 3rd party required? Cleaning of extraction equipment at fast food retailers may provide a guide: its expensive to get a 3rd party to do it, so most players try to DIY it, with mixed results. o Still need to have some staff report for duty, if the cleaners are 3rd parties. o Need to budget for additional cleaning materials and someone to do the cleaning.

And some theatre needs to be built in, so that cleanliness is properly signaled to shoppers.

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