"White lies" vs "breach"

House rules need to be amended pronto, as we look at phased re-opening of some types of stores.

• What level of PPE should landlords expect the retailer’s staff to don? Masks? Masks & gloves? And plastic aprons? • How frequently and to what extent/quality must individual stores be cleaned? • What staff testing should retailers do and at what frequency? Daily symptom registers and temperature checking sounds fine (although try and get hold of a thermometer at the minute) but are more comprehensive swab tests also required (at lesser frequencies, I’d imagine)? • Under what circumstances will these rules be amended/eased? • Given how some SANDF and SAPS are enforcing our lockdown laws, are mall security adequately equipped (training & personality) to be the inspectors/enforcers of the amended House Rules?

These are important questions to answer for both Tenants and Landlords, given that House Rules are integral parts of a lease agreement, and non-observance can trigger breach clauses.

Or are House Rule infringements the equivalent of “white lies”, not that material in the greater scheme of things?

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